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Frequently Asked Questions

ZeusCapital has streamlined the process of buying any home easier and more efficiently. Narrow down your search online through virtual tours and book inspections for the ones you want to visit.

When you find the home you want, ZeusCapital has the tools that allow you to take control of your offer with as much offline help as you need. Our team of experts is only a few taps away when you need advice and info.


You've found a home you love and want to put in an offer. There are two ways to buy with ZeusCapital:

1. On your own, direct to seller

The first step is to make an offer to purchase a property on the unit page of our website.

What happens next?

  • Your offer will be sent directly to the seller and a ZeusCapital Transaction Coordinator who has experience in your market will contact you to answer any question that you might have.
  • Buyer and Seller have guided communication through our negotiation tool. You can monitor the status of your offer on our ZeusCapital user dashboard.

What if my offer is accepted?

If your offer is accepted, your ZeusCapital transaction coordinator will be in touch to discuss the next steps. If you're still interested in purchasing the property, an agreement will be drafted (based on the terms of your offer). ZeusCapital support staff will assist you through the entire process all the way to transfer.

What if my offer isn't accepted?

While not ideal, offer rejections are an unfortunate part of the process. You will be notified as to why your offer was rejected and have the ability to submit a higher offer should you wish to do so or focus on finding a seller with greater price flexibility.

2. Through a ZeusCapital agent

Contact your ZeusCapital agent who supported you in your property inspections to discuss the terms and conditions of your offer. Your agent will submit your offer online providing you full oversight and transparency in the process.

We've got you covered with online and offline support teams. Unlike traditional agents, they are incentived based on your feedback. This ensures that your best interest are being represented and are here to support as much as you need.
All offers are free and non-binding to submit.
Yes, the offer tool is a great way to test a sellers price flexibility.
Yes, our goal at ZeusCapital is to provide as much information as possible online so that consumers can make more educated decisions. With the addition of project facility virtual tours and unit virtuals tours, purchasing online has never been easier!
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